Monday, August 8, 2011

Healthy Homemaking Series: What Goes On, Goes In

Baby Step 9 - What Goes On, Goes In

Challenge: Choose 1 item from all toiletry and beauty items to replace with a more natural and healthy alternative.

Why: When we put toxins and chemicals from toiletries or beauty products onto our skin, they head straight into our bloodstream. This can contribute to or even cause:
-developmental/reproductive toxicity
-immunotoxicity (damage to the immune system)
-neurotoxicity (damage to the brain and nervous system)
-endocrine (hormonal) disruption
-organ system toxicity (damage to important bodily organs)
-irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs)
-enhanced skin absorption (causing the skin to absorb even more chemicals)
-biochemical or cellular level changes
taken from the EWG's Skin Deep website - a very interesting site to browse around

I've written about this before as well, and you can check it out on my Less Is More post.

Ingredient comparison from Less is More post.

How:  I have already begun the process of making over my toiletries and beauty products by either buying natural items or making my own.  You can see some of my endeavors in this area in the following posts.

See the Whiteness, Feel the Shine - easy, homemade toothpaste
Milk, Beyond Nutrition - homemade milk-based facial cleanser
Shampoo-yah! - homemade shampoo
It's Gonna Be a Bright Sun-Shiny Day - homemade hair lightening rinse
Hair Raising Results - homemade hot oil treatment for hair
Bye-Bye Blackheads - homemade blackhead scrub
At-Home Spa - homemade body rub
A Lesson in Fat Cells - homemade cellulite scrub
When You Want to Go Au Naturale - my journey to clear skin with my favourite natural bar soap
Clean and Green - Nature's Gate hair and body products

Are there any products you buy natural or make at home?

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