Sunday, April 10, 2011

When You Want to Go Au Naturale

Whew, it's been a while.  Good to be back though!  Today I'm going to tell a little story about a recent natural breakthrough I experienced.

Throughout my adolescent years, I suffered from moderately severe acne and rosacea.  I tried everything out there from the cheaper drugstore cleansers to the expensive ProActiv regimen to prescription pills with no success.  When it continued into adulthood, the problem became even more embarassing.

Eventually I settled with the slight improvement I could get using a natural bar soap someone had given me along with OXY's Acne Vanishing Treatment lotion.  The downside to this was that the lotion contained 5% benzoyl peroxide.  It only works short term, and this was not a chemical I really wanted to be putting on my face and into my system twice a day for the rest of my life.

You may remember I mentioned in one of my first posts that early in the year I had run out of my natural bar soap, and it was not available in any stores.  I had made facial cleansers and tried others from the stores, but nothing seemed to work as well.  On my hunt for a new facial cleanser, I came across The Soap Work's bar soaps in Nature's Fare Market.  The Soap Works is a Canadian company that makes pure, natural, biodegradable specialty soaps.  There was a large selection, and I opted for the one that contained tea tree oil, having heard that it was good for break outs.  The other thing I liked about this soap was that there was no packaging, just one bar code sticker.  What a simple way to save resources.  After using it, I still loved it!  This soap worked even better than the previous one, though I did continue to use the OXY lotion.

Recently I got quite sick and stopped using the lotion during that time.  I did continue to wash my face with the bar soap though, and to my amazement I did not break out!  I am so happy to say that I am phasing out the harsh chemical-filled lotion to use the natural, healthy bar soap alone.

I was so thrilled with my results that I decided to email The Soap Works to tell them of my success.  The next day I recieved the following email in response:

Dear Grace:
Thank you for your email. This is great news! Your email helps to confirm of our belief that sometimes all it takes is the right type of soap to treat or alleviate a skin condition. We will share your comments with everyone at Soap Works. It helps to keep us motivated to know that we are making something that makes peoples' day a little better.
Would it be all right to add your email to the testimonials section on our web site?
Best regards,

It was so great getting a real, personal response to my email.  Great products and great people!  I know for certain that this is a company I want to support.  I encourage you to check them out as well.


  1. That is great!! I hope that they also sent you a coupon for a free bar of soap!!

  2. Awh! Good to hear Grace! I've know for a while that tea tree oil works for me. I always get the occasional break out and I use "The Body Shops" tea tree oil. I just put a dot on the night before and the next day its usually half the size or gone! Keep up the blogging! Love it!

  3. Just found your blog and it's great to see all your home remedies (especially from a fellow BC girl)! I suffer from problem skin and totally recommend Lush's camomile, lavender, tea tree soap! It's formulated for the sensitive face skin and works like a charm!