Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hit Pain Where It Hurts

It has been on my mind many times to write about this fantastic product I bought at Saje.  I have a had it for months now, but I think it's just more proof that it really works since I'm still raving about it.  It's called Pain Release.  There are a few different forms it comes in (mist, roll on, etc), but the bath, body, and massage oil was the most economical.  It is an all natural, powerfully effective pain reliever for muscles and joints.  Combined with essential oils and other natural elements, the key ingredient is camphor which is absorbed through the skin and acts as an anesthetic.

I have used this product mostly as a topical treatment, and it absorbs in nicely without feeling oily or sticky afterwards.  I rub it on sore muscles after a work out, on my neck when it aches from tension, on my joints when I get flare ups of tendonitis, and most recently on knee pain that I don't even know the cause of.  Another use that I found was to put a couple tablespoons in the bath.  Those awful aches and pains from fevers and the flu are relieved after soaking in a hot tub with this oil.

Saje's Pain Release is what I grab first when I am in pain, and I find it relieves my discomfort quickly and effectively.

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  1. So I have to ask is it arnica? (I may have spelled that wrong). We used that in SA to relieve pain and combat bruising. Anyways this sounds like an amazing product and I may be looking at getting some! Thanks.