Thursday, March 31, 2011

“All Sorrows Are Less With Bread.”

No blog post yesterday thanks to a long power outage at my house.  Wow, nothing like an unexpected power outage to put my dependence on power and electronics into perspective.  All I managed to do was read, make a sandwich by the light of a flashlight, and take a nap.  I thought I wasn't that dependent, but I was certainly happy when the power was restored.  Anyways, on to the topic for today.

I receive daily emails from the website Twongo which shows me a different deal that I can choose to get at a discount with the power of group buying.  It's great for trying out new places without having to pay much.  One eatery that Brad and I discovered through Twongo is the Bread Co.  As well as being an eatery, they also sell organic artisan breads to take home.

First, you may be wondering what the difference between artisan and grocery store bread is.  Artisan bread is what the name sounds like: bread that is crafted rather than mass produced.  There is special thought and care given with regard to process and ingredients for artisan breads.  Old fashioned bread making traditions are used when baking artisan breads.  The ingredient list is usually shorter and of higher quality in artisan breads as well.

The full loaf laying down is flax seed bread and the part loaf above is multigrain.  There was many different choices in the store.
We went to the Bread Co. unknowingly near their closing time.  At this time of day, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the loaves of bread were buy one get one free, regularly just under $5 each.  You can't beat that price even in the largest of grocery stores for the cheapest made bread.  And this bread is delicious!  I loved that this bread is fresh, nutritious, healthy, and buying it supports a local business.

The Bread Co. is located on Bernard in Kelowna.  I encourage you to check it out.


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