Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paper or Plastic? Neither, Thanks.

It was long ago that I switched over to reusable cloth grocery bags, and I think a lot of others have too.  One thing that I continued to feel unhappy about though was the produce and bulk bags.

At first I was going to make a cloth produce bag something like this...

...but I quickly realized that wouldn't be suitable for bulk items.  Another concern I had was the added weight of the bag at the till when purchasing my items.  I then considered sewing something out of mesh, but I didn't want it to stretch and it would have to be a very small mesh.  Then the other day I came across Earthwise bags at Nature's Fare.  A dream come true!

Mine in use at home after a shopping trip.

This is Earthwise's Reusable Mesh Produce Sack.  For about $3, I got a pack of 3 bags which is perfect for my average shopping trip.  As you can see, they can hold quite a lot and have a drawstring top.  The mesh is not stretchy so it would be useful for some bulk items as well, and it is incredibly lightweight.  I am thrilled to have found an inexpensive solution to my issue.


Happy World Environment Day!
Today is World Environment Day (June 5th every year), and this year the focus is on our forests.  I was especially luckily to attend church this morning outdoors in the woods and go for a short hike afterwards.  


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