Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Looking Like a Lobster

Summer is finally here, and for me that inevitably means sunburns.  I am naturally pale, and thus prone to burns.  I seem to get at least one bad one each year, and this year I (hopefully) got it over with early.  I have used this natural remedy for a sunburn since even before I got bit by the environmental bug, and it works.

My burn in all its glory.

Miracle workers.

There are three steps to relief:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar - Apply to skin with a cotton ball or even a soft cloth.  The malic acid in apple cider vinegar reestablishes skin's pH which counteracts the burn.  This will prevent blisters and peeling, and the pain relief is nearly immediate.
2. Aloe Vera - After the above, I slather on aloe vera.  It can relieve pain and inflammation and is moisturizing.  I am still using up the container above, but you do not want it to be green, it should be clear.  Also make sure it is alcohol-free.  The best option would be to have an aloe plant that you can break open as needed.
3. Heating Bag - We definitely will not be heating this up.  I put mine in the freezer for around 15 minutes and then just lay it on the burned areas while I'm on the couch or laying in bed.  This is just because it feels so good.

It is important not to use creams or ointments.  They trap the heat inside of the skin and actually make the burn more susceptible to infection.

Next time I'll remember to use more sunscreen!

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  1. You better remember to use sunscreen next time. You were in so much pain for a week.

  2. Nice to have some ideas for sunburn remedies! My husband can never seem to remember to use sunscreeen! lol

    And nice to meet a fellow Canadian in blog land! :)Happy Canada Day