Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have always had a hard time drinking enough water.  As a child and teen I didn't like the taste of it, but I'm getting over that since I know it's good for me.  Now my problem is that I just don't think about drinking water, especially when I'm not at home.  Here is some information about why it is so important for healthy living to drink water.

-regulates our body temperature
-protects our organs and tissue
-helps the liver and kidneys flush out waste
-lubricates joints
-dissolves nutrients and minerals to be absorbed by our body
-carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells

It is clearly important to keep hydrated!  To help me remember, I decided to design and make a water bottle carrying case.  I am not a very adept sewer (Is that even a word?), so I actually made this up as a I went along.  I apologize in advance if any of my instructions are poorly written or my techniques blatantly wrong.  Here's how I did it.

There is a liner fabric and an a outer fabric.  For the liner I chose nylon because it is durable and resistant to water.  The outer layer is just cotton.
Measure the height and circumference of your water bottle and add an inch when cutting fabric to leave room for seams.
Pin and sew what will be the top edges of your fabrics right sides together.

Fold fabric over along the seam made in the step above.  Then pin, right sides of the outer fabric together, to the circumference of your water bottle.  Sew along this edge.

Cut out a circle for the bottom and pin.

Sew the bottom on (hardest part of me), and turn right side out.

It fits!  Put the case piece aside.

Cut and pin fabric for the strap to desired length and width right sides together.  I used a purse strap as a guide for the size I wanted.

 Action shot!  Sew the strap.

Turn inside out.  I simply used a pencil to get it started.

Sew straps to the inside of the case.  I sewed a square with a diagonal line through it for strength.

Ta da!  Ready to go.

I have already used it when going out since making it.  I find it so handy to be able to sling over my shoulder on a walk, tie onto my bike handle for a ride, etc.  I also think it would be an excellent idea for kids so that they can each carry their own water bottle.  It truly is simple (If I can sew it, anyone can.), so I hope you try it out if you're interested.


  1. Great job Grace...I like it alot!

  2. Grace amazing work - especially making the pattern yourself

  3. good job! I have one that my friend bought me from Guatemala, but I never thought about making one to fit my other water bottle.