Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Grown

Lately I am so thrilled with our garden!  Brad and I were quite concerned for a few weeks.  It seemed as though everywhere else we looked, plants were sprouting up.  Everywhere except at home.  Then we got the beautiful, hot weather this weekend, and our garden has practically exploded.


A row of beans.

One of three zucchini plants that have popped up.


At first we didn't know what were weeds and what were our vegetables so we left everything.  Now that they are getting bigger, we figure the similar looking ones growing in rows are probably the vegetables.  We still aren't sure about the lettuce.  Does that look like lettuce to any of you?


Today is the day to honour and celebrate the oceans that surround all of us on this planet.  Why should we?  Here are some reasons.  The world's ocean...
-generates most of the oxygen we breathe
-helps feed us
-regulates our climate
-cleans the water we drink
-offers a source for potential medicines

This has got me thinking about what I am putting down the drain, sustainable seafood choices, ditching plastic bags, and protecting aquatic life.  Hmmm...


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