Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chip Off the Ol' Block - Homemade Potato Chips

Brad and I are always looking for healthier snack alternatives.  Last night's movie night at a friend's house provided us with the perfect opportunity to try out homemade baked potato chips.

After washing, thinly slice potatoes.

Add a little oil.

Sprinkle with seasoning.  I used seasoned salt.


Cover cookie sheet with tin foil, and spray with oil.  Place potato slices.  Bake at 425°F for about 30 minutes.

Allow to sit in open air for 15 minutes for maximum crispiness.

The chips tasted good and we did enjoy them, but overall we didn't think it was worth the time and effort.  It took 5 potatoes to cover 2 cookie sheets, and it still didn't seem like very many chips.  As a warning if you plan on making these, we put our chips in a Rubbermaid container for transport, and by the time we got to our friend's house, they had gone soft, which was very unfortunate.  I think the open air is key to keeping them crispy.  So if you've got some extra potatoes and free time, this could be something to try out.


  1. Ah, and I noticed that you kept the skins on! Be sure and try your fries with the skins on too!

  2. Here is another one to try. I haven't done it yet, but I will let you know when I do.

    1 medium russet potato
    parchment paper
    optional seasonings: chili powder, Creole seasoning, Old Bay seasoning, etc.

    Using a mandolin or v-slicer, slice one medium russet potato (peeled, if you like) as thinly as possible, taking care that all slices are the same thickness. Line the turntable tray of your microwave with parchment paper and place the potato slices on it without overlapping. Salt lightly and sprinkle with your choice of seasonings.

    Microwave at full power–watching closely–until spots of brown begin to appear, about 4-6 minutes. Turn off the microwave for 1 minute. Microwave again at full power until the slices are golden brown. (Be very careful not to over-brown or they will taste burned.) Remove from the microwave and allow to cool. Repeat until all potato slices are cooked.

    Salt and Vinegar Chips:

    Dip each potato slice into cider vinegar before putting it on the parchment paper. Sprinkle with salt before microwaving.

  3. We make potato chips a lot, and we always use a mondolin slicer. It takes much less time. Usually in an hrs work (including cooking/seasoning) we have enough chips to equal about 2 bags of regular chips.

  4. Quick note, when an item is baked in the oven, such as these chips and they do go soft, re-heat in the oven and the crisp will return.. same deal with french fries made in the oven. does not always work with a food that was fried, oil tends to hold on to the sogginess.


  5. we do jimaca chips- even more healthy than potaoes