Monday, September 5, 2011


Brad, two of our best friends, and I recently watched the documentary Tapped.  I had heard about it on another blog, and was immediately interested after watching the likes of Food Inc and Food MattersTapped came out in 2010 and has won 5 film festival awards, 3 of which were for best documentary.

This film is eye opening and informative.  I have always had an anti-bottled water stance mostly because of the added cost and the extra waste from plastic water bottles.  After seeing this film, there are so many more reasons as well.

Tapped goes through all the issues of how bottled water relates to our health, global climate change, pollution, the world water crisis, and our reliance on oil.  An analogy that stuck with me was when one woman compared our modern Western society to toddlers.  We throw temper tantrums if everything isn't easy and immediately available, and we don't want to take care of anything, instead throwing it away when we are done.  Is that how we want to behave?  I know I don't.  I honestly wish I had taken notes during the movie because there is so much important information.

The two biggest lessons I learned in this movie were:
-do not believe everything you read/see in advertisements or even on product labels
-when you buy something you are voting for it, choose wisely

The easiest ways to avoid bottled water are to carry a reusable water bottle with you and fill it with tap water.  If you don't like tap water, buy a filter for your home to run the tap water through.  Something as simple and inexpensive as a Brita pitcher will do the trick.

I urge you all to view this informative and still attention capturing film.  At the very least, please take some time to check out the Tapped website.  Here is the trailer for the film.


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