Thursday, September 15, 2011

Healthy Homemaking Series: Plastics

Baby Step 18 - Dangerous Plastics

Examine cupboards for items made of dangerous plastics and begin a plan to replace them.

Some plastics contain chemicals that leech into our foods when in contact (pthalates, BPA, dioxins).  Also, the process of making these plastics uses, creates, and disposes of harmful chemicals as well putting them into our environment.  The effects of these specific chemicals on our bodies have been clinically shown to be detrimental.

I've moved to a new website! Head on over to Heartful Habits to read What You Need to Know About the 7 Types of Plastic. Thanks!


  1. I am like you Grace, I use what I have as it is safe, but I would love to own those glass storage containers one day. I didn't know what the #7 one was, and believe it or not our YOP drinks that I bought the kids for a treat were a #7! Crazy! Why is our food in unsafe containers? Small steps for the future!

  2. I happened to stumble across your blog through pinterest. I LOVE it!!! My husband and i were convicted several months ago how we have just been a family focused on materialism. we decided to take a leap of faith and down size (the exact opposite of what people are doing in this market lol) we have also changed our entire lifestyle. your blog has now inspired me to save jars, and to stop using my microwave!!! keep blogging girl!!