Monday, September 19, 2011

Healthy Homemaking Series: Produce

Baby Step 19 - Improve Produce Quality

Challenge: Make a plan for purchasing better quality produce and select 1-3 items to buy either organic or naturally grown (unsprayed).

Why: Today's fruits and vegetables are highly sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizer and even genetically modified and exposed to radiation. 

How:  This is how Brad and I work towards eating the highest quality food possible all while on a budget (about $6 a day).

Grocery Stores With Options - For us that would be Natures Fare Markets and even Superstore as they have the most reasonably priced organic and natural choices for grocery stores.

Local Produce Markets - The BC Fruit Packers Cooperative carries fruit and vegetables grown in our province with organic options as well at the best price I have found yet.

Farmer's Markets
-April to October are my favourite months for grocery shopping because of the farmer's market. I love the freshness, organic options, and knowing that I am supporting local farmers.  The food there is so delicious!

Gardening - As I've mentioned before, Brad and I have a garden with 2 other couples where we grow nearly every vegetable you can think of.  I really think this has saved us a lot of money.

Latest haul from the garden.

General Tips - We also pick and choose what is most important to buy organic.  For example, apples are the most heavily sprayed and thus it is a priority to buy organic.  On the other hand, onions are the least sprayed and thus we don't worry about it being organic or unsprayed.  Also, when something comes on sale, if we can, we will stock up and freeze it at home.

For the list of the "Dirty Dozen" (most sprayed) and the "Clean Fifteen" (least pesticide use) check out the EWG's guide here.

Where do you shop for produce?

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  1. I loved looking for organics when we lived in BC (Vancouver for a short time two years ago). We are now back in the Southeast of the USA, and I miss Canada's stronger emphasis on eco-friendly living.

    I see you are going through Healthy Homemaking? I LOVE that book! I wish I had gone through it earlier in my homemaking days!