Thursday, May 31, 2012

Norwex Series: Dry Mop

Today we are moving on in our Norwex series from cloths and onto mops, woohoo!  There is a telescopic handle which snaps onto an swiveling aluminum mop base that has velcro.  The velcro then attaches onto the different types of mop pads.  For a long time I have been using the dry mop pad.  It was one of my first purchases.  Before that I had been an avid Swiffer Sweeper user.  When I become more conscious of waste and disposable products, I knew the Swiffer had to go.  This was the perfect replacement.

The dry mop pad is ideal for sweeping and dusting.  Its fibres pick up the tiny particles of dust, dirt, hair, crumbs, etc.  Of course, using it on the floor is great.  On top of that, it also works well for cleaning ceilings, walls, fans, and high windows.

I love my dry mop pad.  I use it mostly on our floors, and it does fantastic picking up hair, dog fur, dust, and dirt in our house.  It's still quick and easy to clean off.  I use an old toothbrush to remove the dust and hair from the mop pad.  It doesn't need to be washed after each use, and when it does, it just goes in the washing machine.  The mop pad definitely saves a lot of waste from the one-time-use type of sweepers.

What do you use to sweep/dust the floors?


  1. Can I only buy Norwex products from a consultant? Can I buy directly from the website instead?

  2. I stopped using the Swiffer pads, too, but I kept the actual Swiffer. Now I put an old beat up washcloth on it and use it like that. If I need to do a wet mop then I just spay cleaner directly on the floor and then scrub and mop it up with my modified Swiffer.

    I make sure I rinse out the washcloth after using it on the floor and then hang it up to dry. Then it goes into the washing machine with my regular load of towels.