Monday, May 7, 2012

Norwex Series: The Company

I just went to a Norwex party this weekend, and it has reignited my love and enthusiasm for these products.  I have briefly referenced Norwex products before, but not in much detail, so now I have decided to have a Norwex series discussing the items I use.  Today I am going to start with the company itself.

As it reads on their website, "the Norwex mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning."  Their whole concept is to clean without chemicals.  They even take it a step further by doing a lot of their cleaning just with water alongside their cloths.  I love how the Senior Vice President words their theme as a "reverence for the value and beauty of all life on a healthy planet."

So, what are these products I keep going on about?  They have got everything you could need covering all the categories of:
-microfibre cloths
-mop pieces and accessories
-bath and body care
-home essentials
-kitchen cleaning
-personal care
-kids line

 The Norwex products will save you time and money, improve health, and help protect the environment.  Plus, they are the most effective cleaners I have used.  I can't wait to dig into them more during the following posts of this series.

Have you heard of Norwex?  Do you use any Norwex products?


  1. I quit using my Norwex products...don't really know why. What do you have and use the most Grace?

    1. Sad! The most would probably by my enviro cloth. Also the window cloth and the bathroom scrub mitt. Oh and the dry mop! Oh man, I love this stuff.

  2. I have never tried them, but they sound good.