Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eco-Christmas Series: The Environment

Last year for Christmas Brad gave me the book Green Christmas: How to Have a Joyous, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season by Jennifer Basye and Peter Sander with Anne Basye.  It is a short, simple, straight-forward read that covers all the different aspects of the holiday season.  This will be the basis for my upcoming Eco-Christmas series I am going to do leading up to the big day at the end of December.

The first area of discussion is a big one: the environment.  There are three categories of the causes of major environmental unfriendliness.  These include waste, emissions, and energy.

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  1. okay, so you know I'm pretty good at not wasting...mainly b/c I am so ...frugal, I mean frugal!! Ha ha.
    Anyhow, I'm sorry, but I can't go without the lights or the cards. We all need a little pick me up in the mail box once in a while :)
    I have however made these goals/changes. I will only put on my led lights for 4hrs rather than 6hrs. I am also putting them on a timer so if I forget they will not stay on. I am going to use cloth napkins, and you will soon see that my Christmas cards are postcards, so no extra envelopes!!
    Ironically yours is in an envelope as I didn't want it to get lost/damaged in the parcel, and it is already sealed and taped and waiting to be taken to the post office! *Sorry*

  2. Just visiting your blog through Beth at Red and Honey! I like the idea of using reusable cloth bags for gifts (I am actually hoping to get a super easy tutorial up on my blog soon) but newspapers would be so fun too. I do really like getting Christmas cards and sending them, it feel so much more meaningful to me than an e-card and is worth it to me. Plus they can be re-used for kids crafts later! And like the above comment, I have always loved lights but last year after our strings died the year before, we chose not to get more for ethical reasons... It is worth the trade for me but I still sort of miss the twinkling lights on the outside of our house. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Great blog post! This is really interesting information. I liked how you focused on manageable tasks that we can all do (i.e. turning lights on less or using LED) rather than eliminating them all together. We only turn on our Christmas tree lights when we're in the same room and only for a few hours if we do.