Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You Are What You Eat

I had the pleasure of watching Food Matters a couple nights ago, and I am so excited about it.  I heard about the film just a little while ago on a blog that I follow and immediately requested it at our library.  After having watched Food Inc I was very interested to see what this film would have to say.

Food Matters is a documentary style film (not at all boring though) that takes a hard look at the actual nutritional value in the modern foods we are eating.  Another major topic is the sometimes unnecessary and unhealthy use pharmaceutical drugs, and how people can instead use diet and vitamins to become healthy again and stay that way.  There are some very shocking statistics and true stories that should be heard by the public.  This film even dispelled some myths for me, particularly about vitamins, which I loved learning.  Food Matters is another film that has changed the way I think about food and will have a real impact on my life.  I feel empowered with the knowledge I now have.  When possible, diet is a much cheaper, safer, more natural way to control your health, and the results are incredibly effective.  Food can be medicine!  I think everyone should watch this film, especially those with chronic or long term health problems.

Here is the trailer for Food Matters.  I hope you watch the trailer and are then inspired to watch the film.  Always free at the library!

PS - What do you guys think of the blog's design makeover?

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  1. I found this documentary on netflix today and am watching it as we speak. Thanks for the the suggestion. I like these videos because I don't want to be ignorant about this stuff.