Monday, July 25, 2011

Healthy Homemaking Series: Lighten Up Your Pantry

Baby Steps 4 and 5: Lighten Up Your Pantry

Challenge: Find 2-5 items (or more) that you know your family shouldn't be eating and get rid of them.  Then look for and implement replacements or alternatives for those items.

Why: "First, do no harm," is one of the first rules of good medicine.  It's important to eliminate the unhealthy choices as well as adding more healthful things so we are not counteracting all the hard work.

How: Stephanie provided a list of 11 products or ingredients that she believes just shouldn't be in a kitchen.  We went through it and began the purge.  I chose 3 items to write about here with the replacements we have begun using.

Just some of what we got rid of.

1. Margarine to Butter - Margarine contains toxic oils, and it has been my understanding that animal fats are better for you than imitations with vegetable fats.  I grew up on margarine so the switch to butter was unusual, but I will adjust.  We also made it a priority to buy organic butter because most of the toxins that animals ingest are stored in their fat which we then eat in forms such as butter.

Organic butter.

2. Boxed Cereals to Other Breakfast Foods - I was really surprised to see boxed cereal on the list.  I never knew that they contain hydrogenated oils, dyes, sugar, and difficult to disgest grains.  We now usually eat fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt or smoothies for breakfast.

Breakfast options.

3. Packaged Convenience Foods to Homemade - I think it is pretty well known that these aren't good for you, but the ease is the selling factor.  They often have very little nutrient value, use white flour, contain preservatives, MSG, dyes, and so on.  We now try to make homemade versions of those foods and freeze them to bring out when we want an easy meal.

Toasting homemade frozen pancakes.

What foods are banned from your kitchen?


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