Sunday, July 10, 2011

Healthy Homemaking Series: Intro

I just finished 2 incredible books written by a blogger I follow from Keeper of the Home, Stephanie Langford.  The first was Real Food on a Real Budget which is about having better quality, more nutritious foods and saving money while doing so.  The second was Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time which is "a 52 week journey of baby steps to help you move towards more natural, nutritious and sustainable living."

These books have been so fantastic because they provide practical, achievable steps that anyone can make to move towards healthier living, and she backs it up with research and accurate information.  Stephanie Langford is a Christian homemaker, and these books are written from that perspective.  She writes in a way that is so encouraging, and she keeps the books from being overwhelming.  I recommend that anyone who wants to make changes for the better and move towards a healthier lifestyle read these books.  Stephanie Langford, her books, and the blog have been such an inspiration to me.

I am now going to begin a series documenting my experiences as a I make my way through the 26 baby steps of Healthy Homemaking.  I will be going at a bit of a faster pace though, attempting to do 2 steps each week.  Each of the steps will fall into one of 4 categories.  These categories include Going Green/Sustainable Living, Natural Living, Nutrition, and Cooking and Food Preparation Techniques.

Wednesday will be my first day posting as I tackle Baby Step 1: Reduce Waste (Going Green/Sustainable Living).  I am very eager to make these changes and be able to document it in this way passing along information and experiences.  I hope you are all as excited as I am.


  1. These sound great! I wish I lived closer so I could borrow them. I think I may check out our library and see if I can get them there. Thanks.

  2. Ohhhh....I'm excited for you! Sounds great! Once I get settled maybe I'll be able to start some of these ideas. I'm not too bad as it is though :)I know I could do better still.