Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Treat for the Long Weekend

As I've mentioned before, Brad and I have decided to try out unusual fruits we have seen at the grocery store.  Our first experience was with star fruit, now today we will be talking about dragon fruit (or pitaya if you want to get technical).  Interestingly, dragon fruits are actually the fruit of cactus plants.  Nutritionally speaking, red dragon fruit is a good source of vitamin C, rich in fibre and minerals, and low in calories and saturated fat.  It supposedly even lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and increases the excretion of heavy metal toxins.

A ripe, red dragon fruit.

Slice in half and cut out the flesh.

Cube the flesh into bite-sized pieces and place back into the skin for a decorative bowl.

Yum!  The dragon fruit has a mildly sweet flavour.  The texture is soft and reminded me somewhat of a kiwi, especially with all those seeds.  Brad and I each ate half, and I probably could have eaten more.  This is something I would be willing to buy again and would enjoy.


  1. Can't wait to try it! It looks so yummy.

  2. The dragon fruit was really good. I really liked the idea of having it in the skin for a bowl. I definitely want to eat dragon fruit in the future.