Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quiz Master

I recently came across this great website Together Green, and their purpose is "helping you help the environment through community conservation projects and environmental volunteer programs."  They also just have great ideas for individuals with changes they can make in their daily lives to live a greener life.  I was particularly interested in their personality profile quiz, which you can take here.  The quiz is designed to find the conservation actions that will best fit with who you are.  I love that idea of relating the actions to the personalities and interests that different people have.

My result was Professor Green aka The Teacher:

It gave me a profile summary talking about my personality and interests and how those can relate to conservation.  Then it gave me a list of 6 actions I could take that relate to my personality.  Because I was Professor Green, my actions included things like becoming an expert on local issue and organizing support for it, subscribing to an environmental magazine or email newsletter, writing to editors about local issues, telling others about the issues and coming up with changes, teaching children about nature, and so on. I found my results to be quite fitting since I am doing this blog and working with children is my career.

I encourage you to take the quiz too (it's quick) and become inspired in ways you can help the environment as well.  There are 5 different personalities in total you could end up as, and I would also love it if you left a comment with your results!


  1. Hey I got the Networker. From the looks of things, it is pretty accurate too!

  2. I am also a professor green. It fits pretty good with me too.