Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Power of Tea Series: Ginger

At the beginning of March I had a killer cold.  At first I thought it was the allergy season starting, but then it got worse and worse.  I was constantly having to blow my nose but there was no relief in my congestion.  I could hardly get out of bed because of the pressure in my head.  This is when I knew it had to be more than just allergies.  I immediately began looking for a herbal tea to soothe my symptoms and help my body heal.  My choice was ginger.

Ginger Tea
-2 cups boiling water
-1 inch piece of ginger - I used fresh, but you could also use dried or powdered
-optional: honey, thought I don't find this necessary

The effects of the ginger tea were noticeable within the hour.  Ginger helps break up the mucus and flush it out.  I could breath much better through my nose.  I was still blowing my nose a lot, but I was getting some relief from it.  It helped significantly with my congestion.  I believe it also helped my immune system fight off the infection and get healthy quicker.  I sipped on this all throughout the day even taking it with me while going out.

I used ginger tea for its power against congestion, but there are also many other benefits.  Here are some:
-treatment for motion sickness (Gravol has even made a ginger chewable pill)
-heartburn relief
-treats nausea and morning sickness
-treats menstrual cramps
-sore throat relief - I have written about this before as well in this post

Have you ever had ginger tea?


  1. I have never used ginger tea myself, but my grandmother used it regularly for upset stomach and inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you for sharing your experience; we will have to try this when the allergies/colds kick in here.

  2. We have it weekly.....every Sunday morning. My boyfriend is from India & loves making it. We do ginger & bring to a boil, then add 2 teabags of regular tea and boil. Then we had milk & heat through. It's awesome. We've made it and taken it to friends that are under the weather and they have asked us for the "recipe" because it works so well. I have it unsweetened, but he adds honey to his.

  3. Hello! I've just found your blog through Pinterest and have already seen many useful hints and suggestions. I will be keeping you handy from now on!
    Now about Ginger tea...
    I was in college many years ago and drove to Dallas with some friends. I managed to get one of those really horrible headaches that hurt all over while we were visiting one of my friends' families (they were from India), and though the language was unfamiliar, the wife noticed that I was in pain. She asked if I had a headache, and when I answered yes, went to the kitchen and soon returned with a cup of tea. I was skeptical, but began to sip the tea. Before the tea was finished (about 10 minutes maybe), I realized that the headache was GONE! Ginger tea. I still wonder if perhaps there wasn't something else in that cup.....

    1. I'm glad you've stopped by and so excited that you've found useful tips.

      That is a fantastic story and testimony to the power of natural remedies. Ginger tea is traditionally an Indian drink, so I am not surprised they were familiar with its power. Awesome.


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