Thursday, March 15, 2012

Natural Zit Zapper

During boxing week sales after Christmas, I had to stop in at one of my favourite stores, Saje.  A bunch of products were on for half off, so I decided to purchase and try out the "Zap" roll on acne treatment.  It is an essential oil blend of tea tree, geranium, lavender, patchouli, and a few others.  This blend is specially designed to eliminate bacteria, reduce excess oil, and promote healing for blemishes.  It is used as a spot treatment on acne.  I have been using it twice daily, and it is amazingly effective!  I recently went for 3 weeks without washing my face at all, I only used this as a spot treatment as necessary.

I realize that most people reading this don't have access to a Saje store (since they are only in BC, Canada), though you can order online.  Another option I thought of though is to make your own!  I will admit, when I took my newly purchased Zap home and read the ingredients, I felt a little ripped off (and thankful I got it for half off).  I had lavender and tea tree essential oils at home already.

So, I recommend to any of you looking for an acne spot treatment to make your own version of this.  Simply combine tea tree and lavender essential oils, perhaps geranium or patchouli as well if you have them.  Then you can dab it on as necessary using a q-tip or some other reusable alternative I haven't thought of yet.  That is what I am planning to do when my Zap bottle runs out.

What natural treatments do you use on acne?


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  2. sweet! this has been on my list of things to find. although my list is more like "eventually grace will talk about it and i don't have to do the research myself" ;-) i just need spot treatment once in a while and the stuff i use is al l chemicals (clean-n-clear, maybe?).

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  3. I wish I had one of these stores near me! Sounds great! By the way make sure you check out my current blog giveaway. You would probably like it! http:///

  4. I use things to try it up like natural clay powder.

  5. I just started this! The lady gave me the tester at the store to take home and try on because my acne was that bad. I hope I see results soon!