Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Microwave

I have not been on the ball enough this week to get to my next baby step in the Healthy Homemaking series.  With starting a new job, it's been a little crazy.  Luckily I do still have something to talk about, so here it goes.

In the purging of most of our possessions, Brad and I decided to ditch our microwave.  The first reason was to be more minimalist.  Why do we need another appliance to do a job that we can do without it?  Then I began to come across posts on blogs and other websites of others who had given up their microwaves for health reasons such as Red and Honey - Bidding Farewell to the Microwave Oven (the most recent blog I have discovered and fallen in love with), Keeper of the Home - Life Without a Microwave (a woman who's opinion I hold in high regard), and Naturally Knocked Up - Are Microwaves Dangerous to Your Health? (who's post is a little more informative).

I am not going to try and convince you whether or not microwaves are safe.  There has been much controversy and discussion over the years.  I encourage you to read about it and make a decision for yourself.  A website article I read can be found at Global Healing Center - The Proven Dangers of Microwave Ovens which was in my opinion informative and research and facts based.

I don't know if this is proven, but I found it amusing.

Instead I am going to tell you how we live without it.  Here is what we used a microwave for and our new alternatives.
Cooking vegetables --> Steam them in a pot or fry them in a frying pan on the stove
Reheating left overs --> In a pot on the stove or in the toaster oven (we LOVE our toaster oven)
Melting food items (chocolate, butter) --> In a pot/makeshift double boiler on the stove or in the toaster oven
Defrosting --> Bring it out a day or two ahead or use a sink of water
Clock --> Clock on the wall
Timer --> Cellphone timer

Having grown up with a microwave and probably using it daily, I was surprised how easy it was to give up.  I don't miss it one bit.  And I love all the extra counter space!  We have a grand total of 5 feet of counter top (I measured), and the microwave used to take up 2 feet of it.

Do you have a microwave oven?

PS - If you will do me the courtesy of allowing myself some selfishness, I have a favour to ask of all of you. 
Brad and I entered a photo contest with RW&Co to win a shopping spree.  I found out today that we are in the top 12 finalists.  Voting begins tomorrow, so if you are a RW&Co.nnection member (or don't mind becoming one for a good cause) on their website, please vote for us starting tomorrow (October 7-16th)!  As some of you know, my husband is currently going to school for his Bachelor of Education.  Winning this shopping spree would really help us out to build him a professional wardrobe for upcoming practicums and his future career.  Thanks!

This is the photo... (he's wearing a RW&Co vest)


  1. I have to say I have been tempted to get rid of ours as we just don't use it very much. However, it is handy for the kids to use. Kenya can't use the stove unattended, but she can use the microwave...I'll have to think some more about this one. We don't even eat microwave popcorn as I make it on the stove top, so we'll see!

  2. We made do with no microwave for a week when we moved. We would often go to use it, but found easy alternatives. I think it would be fairly easy to get used to giving up...but I guess I'm just not there yet!
    On another note..totally going to vote for you at RW&Co!!

  3. wow that is so great!
    i have to admit - lately, whenever i use my microwave, i question whether i should be or not.
    we stopped using microwave popcorn, and bought an air popper, and have started trying to defrost meats more by using the water method.

    i read some of those linked articles - makes me think a lot more.
    good post (as always)!!

    p.s. you commented on the canning i did - the freezer jam i made was super easy! i bought freezer jars (plastic) in the canning section at the store (on sale for under $3 for 4 jars) and sugar free pectin, and followed the instructions on the pkgs! so easy! haven't tasted the final product yet, but if you wanted to start canning, try something easy like that!!! :) :)